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Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap Liquid (18-in-1) Almond 59ml


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Made from plant-base oils and essential oils, all organicand fair-trade certified, Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soaps are gentle to the skin but still very concentrated, without any synthetic agent or preservative to help get the lovely foam we all like. The preservatives are all natural , E vitamin and citric acid.


They come in 8 different scents (well, 7 scents and one unscented, to be perfectly precise), so that they can please the whole family, from Baby to Grand-Pa, and even your beloved pets! Oh, and you can use it for your household cleaningtasks too. What about that?


Being very concentrated, three times more than other “liquid” soaps, and “a few percent away to being solid“, they do go a long way.
This is also the reason why they have so many possible uses.
If they boast an “18-in-1” uses, have a look at our “How to use” for more details and advice, as some of the uses are more recommended for some scents than others…


Should you prefer a solid version, have a look at Dr Bronner’s Bar Soaps, slightly more moisturizing and less scented, same quality, same scent choice, different form!


Fortified by more than 150 years of family tradition in soap-making and organic fair-trade, the soaps from Dr Bronner’s are Nature’s gift in a bottle.


The Dr Bronner’s brand’s motto is very simple: Everything that is good for man can be found in Nature.
The objective is to use high-quality raw materials (100% biodegradable), in a responsible and sustainable way, for the Earth and for all the people working for the Brand, at headquarters or further down the line, so that everyone/everything benefits from it. “We are ALL-ONE or none.”


Add to it the numerous organic labels they can pride themselves on, the vintage design with Emmanuel Bronner’s original messages, the recycled packaging and the multiple uses the soaps allow, how could one resist this bottle, right? Or even try resisting…


They are market leader for organic soaps in the US and acclaimed around the world, as well as Stars’ favourite through word-of-mouth mainly, because they are that good.


This is (again) your go-to product either at home or on the road, thanks to all the sizes it comes in and the biodegradable quality (hello camper!), fit for the whole family.

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Additional information

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