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Essential Therapeutics Aromatic Hydrosol (Pure Floral Water) Chamomile Flower Blend 100ml


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The Chamomile German plant is an annual, reaching up to 60cm in height. From May to August it flowers, sporting top-heavy flower heads with a fragrance similar to apples History There has been much confusion over Roman (English) and German (Blue) Chamomile. German (Blue) Chamomile is the more powerful oil for healing purposes and was well known and widely used in the ancient world. The Egyptians used it not just to treat ague, which is to say ‘fever’, (probably malaria), but also in their cosmetic potions and even in the sacred embalming oil. The Greeks also made ample use of it and it was one of Asclepiades favourite healing herbs. The name ‘Matricaria’ points to its usefulness for female troubles. It has often been called ‘a mother’s herb’ as it is not only a stand-by remedy for numerous troubles mothers have to soothe, but it also soothes mothers’ nerves. Color & Aroma Color : deep blue to bluish green clear liquid with herbal odor, Aroma : Strong, warm, sweet herbaceous Constituents Not applicable Uses The magical uses for German Chamomile are much the same as for Roman Chamomile, except that German Chamomile is somewhat stronger.

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