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Nature’s Sunshine Miracell Skin Relief & Support 14.7ml x 12 Display


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Nature’s Sunshine Miracell Botanicals Miracell is a combination of oils, vitamins and herbs, designed by nature to work with the skin. The skin is an amazing organ – it is self-regulating, and can adjust, rebalance and renew itself when it is given the right nutritive materials to work with. Miracell provides some of this nutritive support. It gives a soothing effect, and is absorbed quickly into dry or troubled skin tissues, providing quick and lasting relief. It can safely be used by people of all ages on a daily basis. Miracell removes make-up safely and naturally. Just one drop to each eye softens eye make-up, even stubborn mascara. It can then be removed with a warm, wet washcloth. Miracell can also be used as part of your daily beauty routine. Always use sparingly, with just 1-2 drops being all you need to provide soothing support to the skin of the face. Not only is Miracell great for the skin, it can also be used on the outer part of the ear to help relieve chaffing caused by hearing aids.

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