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Wotnot Tan Application Mitt


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Wotnot tan application mitt is a velvety soft glove that protects hands from staining and helps to blend and buff Wotnot Tanning Lotion for a flawless, streak-free, professional finish. The velvet fibres in our mitt help ensure even distribution of Wotnot Tanning Lotion and helps to buff skin as you go. Our mitt is double sided so suitable for left and right hand use.

Helps distribute tanning lotion in an even, flawless manner.
Helps ensure a professional finish.
Reusable and double sided, so suitable for left or right hand use.

Directions For Use:

Wash mitt before use and allow to dry thoroughly.
Insert hand into application mitt and apply tanning lotion to mitt. For best results and a beautiful natural glow use Wotnot Natural Self-tan Lotion.

Gently glide mitt with lotion over clean, dry, exfoliated skin in a circular motion and use sparingly on knees, elbows and ankles.

The mitt is intended for reuse. Wash Wotnot tan application mitt in warm water with a mild soap after each use and allow to dry thoroughly before storing.

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Additional information

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